Download the Petition

You can now download the petition and help gather signatures to put minimum wage on the ballot for 2004.

Here are a few points to remember:

1.You must be registered to vote in Florida to sign the petition.
(If you are not registered to vote, you can register and then sign the petition. **Important Note** If you are going to send the petition to us, please make sure you are registered to vote FIRST and make sure your county registrar has received your voter registration. Once that is confirmed, then sign and date the petition. Otherwise, your signature won't be valid.)

2.One signature per petition.

3.Handwriting counts! If we can't read it, then the elections officials probably can't either, which means your signature won't count.

After signing the petition, you can either return it to your affiliated organization, or mail it directly to:

Floridians for All
1830 49th Street S
St. Petersburg, FL 33707