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Floridians for All, a coalition of community, labor and other groups is circulating an initiative to raise the minimum wage in Florida from the current $5.15 per hour, to $6.15 per hour. The new minimum wage would also be indexed to inflation, resulting in an annual raise for Floridafs working families.

The need for a minimum wage increase in Florida is clear: a stagnant minimum wage has a significant impact on the earnings of low-wage workers, many of them with families to support.

If the federal minimum wage had been increased to keep up with rising prices over the last 25 years, it would now bring in $15,431 per-year?not the $10,712 it currently does if one works 40 hours per week for $5.15 per hour.

As the cost of living keeps going up, over 300,000 minimum wage workers in Florida, are forced to stretch their dollars even further since Congress hasn't taken action to raise the minimum wage in 6 years.

Instead of waiting for Congress, Floridians can do something about raising wages for working families now: by supporting a minimum wage increase that will result in a $2000 a year raise for Floridafs working families.

Recent polling indicates that increasing the minimum wage in Florida is an issue that has overwhelming support by individuals from all voting blocks with majorities of every demographic group favor increasing the minimum wage. In addition, voters say that the issue is important and will favorably raise their interest in the upcoming election.

More than four ?fifths (81 percent) favor increasing the Florida minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $6.15 per hour and then indexing it to inflation every year. Only 14 percent of Floridians are opposed to the initiative, and 5 percent are undecided. The intensity of support is noticeably strong, with 67 percent strongly favoring the dollar per hour increase in the minimum wage.

Raising the minimum wage is a bi-partisan issue, with 88 percent of Democrats in favor (75 percent strongly favor) and 71 percent of Republicans in favor with an even higher percentage of Independents (90 percent favor, 82 percent strongly favor) are in favor. More importantly, swing voters, those who are undecided in the presidential ballot, are even more likely to favor the minimum wage initiative (92 percent favor, 79 percent strongly favor).

In a year where voter turnout is of the utmost importance, 52 percent of less likely voters indicate they would be more interested in the 2004 election if a minimum wage proposal is on the ballot, and 30 percent say they would be much more interested. Even factoring in the doomsday attacks that will come from business groups, around 68 percent of voters still support raising the minimum wage.

Help us raise the minimum wage and provide a much needed raise to Floridafs working families. Please make a contribution to Floridians for All today.